Women Waging War and Peace: International Perspectives of Women's Roles in Conflict and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

By Sandra Cheldelin (), Maneshka Eliatamby () | Format: Paperback / softback | Rating:

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Review "Tremendoulsy rich in cross-national case studies, Women Waging War and Peace critically e... Read more

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Review "Tremendoulsy rich in cross-national case studies, Women Waging War and Peace critically examines the complex agency of girls and women in the contexts of child soldiers, suicide bombers, front-line soldiers, peace negotiators, and peacebuilders. By combining primary research, theoretical lenses from various academic disciplines, and women's lived experiences in all their trauma, healing, and triumph, Women Waging Peace and War reinforces the critical need for international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and policy leaders to empower women. The Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution at George Mason University has provided a tremendous contribution to the fields of conflict analysis, peace studies, and women's studies." -Paige Eager, Associate Professor, Hood College."Through this edited volume the authors illustrate to practitioners and scholars in Peacebuilding field how can we all break away from the stereotypes that women's only role in war is a victim and women are more prone to being peace makers than men. To deconstruct the monolithic role of women in peace and war, the volume offers solid empirical evidences based on 16 different cases from around the world in which powerful and inspiring stories of Peacebuilding and war are narrated and analyzed. Concluding with a confirmed hypothesis that "Women play a myriad of roles in face of war and peace," the authors paved the way for future researchers and practitioners in the field of Peacebuildin


Foreword by Andrea Bartoli Editors' Biographies Notes on Contributors Preface Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations 1aaa Overview and Introduction aaa Sandra I. Cheldelin and Maneshka Eliatamby 2aaa Victims of Rape and Gendercide: All Wars aaa Sandra I. Cheldelin Section I:a Women Waging War 3aaa Searching for Emancipation: Eritrea, Nepal and Sri Lanka aaa Maneshka Eliatamby 4aaa Dying for Identity: Chechnya and Sri Lanka aaa Maneshka Eliatamby and Ekaterina Romanova 5aaa Fighting Young: Liberia and Sierra Leone Patricia A. Maulden Section II:a Women Intervening in War 6aaa Challenging Warfare: Sri Lanka aaa Maneshka Eliatamby 7aaa Building a Peace Network aaa Ambassador Swanee Hunt Section III:a Women Waging Peace 8aaa Countering the Currents: Zimbabweaaa aaa Martha Mutisi 9aaa Engendering Recovery: Rwanda aaa Peace Uwineza and Vanessa NoÙl Brown 10aaa Rebuilding the Gulf:a United States aaa Terra Tolley 11aaa Conferencing Serious Crime: United Statesaaa aaa Jennifer Langdon Section IV:a Women Sustaining Peace 12aaa Promises of Justice: Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan aaa Susan F. Hirsch 13aaa Engaging Legislation: Liberia and Chechnya aaa Ekaterina Romanova and Erica Sewell 14aaa Challenging Patriarchy: Pakistan, Egypt and Turkeyaaa aaa Saira Yamin 15aaa Organizing the Disenfranchised: Haiti and the Dominican Republic aaa Yves-ReneÚ Jennings Section V:a Conclusion 16aaa Challenging the Dominant Narrativeaaa aaa Sandra I. Cheldelin and Maneshka Eliatamby Notesaaa Index

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Paperback / softback
Date Published
18 August 2011
Publication Place
New York (State)
155 x 230 x 20

International relations

Peace studies & conflict resolution

Gender studies: women

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