Vanguard Alta Rise 45 Expanding Backpack for Camera - Black

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The ALTA RISE 45 Backpack has the +6 revolutionary system offering you the ability to increase or... Read more

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The ALTA RISE 45 Backpack has the +6 revolutionary system offering you the ability to increase or reduce the storage space in the bag by 6cm with one easy zipper motion, while still keeping gear protected. So when more gear or personal storage is called for, there is no need to switch bags. You will find that the quick-action, side flap opening allows you grab-and-shoot in seconds without needing to put your bag down. Simply release one shoulder strap and swing round to access. The bright interior makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, even in low light. In both size modes the ALTA Rise ensures padded protection. The capacity is designed to hold a DSLR with lens attached, 3+ additional lenses up to 24-70mm f/2.8 and a flash, alongside a 10” tablet. The ALTA Rise backpack also features a “day-pack” section above the camera compartment, either for additional camera kit or any other items you’ll need for your day. This is supported by strategically placed internal and external pockets that will allow you to arrange all other essentials. There is also a concealed rear pocket to secure valuables such as wallet and travel documents close to your body where no prying hands can reach The ALTA Rise can also carry a tripod on the side and features Vanguard’s innovative ALTA LINK System. Rather than carry the tripod exposed to the risk of damage (or damaging something), the ALTA LINK system enables you to carry your ALTA PRO (or any other) tripod in the advanced ALTA ACTION Trip