Barbecue Right!: Sauces, Rubs And Marinades: Beginners Guide To Flavor-Rich Barbecues With Rubs, Sauces, Marinades, Bastes, Butters, And Glazes

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Barbecue Like A Pro Using Sauces, Rubs And Marinades When it comes to barbecuing, flavor is... Read more

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Barbecue Like A Pro Using Sauces, Rubs And Marinades When it comes to barbecuing, flavor is crucial. This book is loaded with helpful information on how to barbecue right, including the knowledge required to make barbecues that’re bursting with flavor. Whether you admit it, there are some things that may be pretty confusing when it comes to barbecuing. How do you use a marinade, and for how long? How do you marinate seafood, and how can one baste or glaze right? When should the barbecue sauce be applied and how can I barbecue like a pro using sauces, rubs and marinades? This book provides you with these answers and more. You will know everything that makes a good barbecue: including how to create a smoky flavor, how to know the right wood to use, how best to light a fire. What’s more! There are loads of information on marinating and basting your favorite meats and food. There are also over 120 recipes in this book, providing you with the opportunity of creating your own marinates, bastes, rubs, slathers, sauces, mops and chutneys for a rich barbecue. There are recipes for: marinades, wet rubs, spice pastes, dry rubs and seasonings, glazes and oils, mop sauces, barbecue sauces, brines and cures, slather sauces, vinaigrettes, sambals, chutneys and jams, salsas and relishes, bastes, butters as well as finishing sauces With this book in your hands, barbecuing will no longer be a summer activity but one you will enjoy and share with friends and family when the

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