Train Life: A Railway Simulator PS4 Game


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For the first time in a railway simulator, you are the driver and the company manager! Drive your passengers or goods across 10 countries and explore the countryside, towns, forests, and mountains of Europe from your cab. Each locomotive has its own characteristics (power, braking, etc. ), which you need to learn to control them expertly, while following the railway signs and adapting to the weather conditions. As well as driving trains, you need to operate a successful company. Create your own company; buy and maintain your trains; hire conductors and give them new contracts; explore new routes; and optimise your Passenger and Freight activities. Make the right choices to earn money and grow your business! Drive faithfully reproduced iconic trains, such as the ICE 3, ICE 4 and NEWAG Griffin. Create and customise your own trains, from their outer appearance to your cab interior. Manage your company: hire conductors, choose contracts, build your network, maintain your locomotives to prevent breakdowns and emergency repairs. Travel 10,000 kilometres of track through the towns and countryside’s of Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the Alps region. Release date: 7 October 2022. Game disc. For ages 3 years and over. PS4 compatible. PS5 compatible. EAN: 3665962017069. Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee.

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Train Life