Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Ugly Halloween Sweater for Adults


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Oneliners Not IncludedNot all horror movie villains are created equal. Some rely too heavily on a scary outfit and forget that their kills are supposed to be inventive. Others only make it through one movie, not being well rounded enough to shine through the years to come. Freddie has been a star of the horror era for more than thirty years now. And through his time, Freddie has been coming up with one-liners from his first nightmare appearance. To be honest, we can’t really repeat many of his one-liners here. Let’s just say those quotes are sassy and they cut to the quick.Now, we can’t promise you’ll be able to think of one-liners once you slip into this costume. But you will have an insight into Freddie’s firey charm. This unique knitted look is rich with disturbing details. From the flaming faces pattern at the bottom of the sweater to Freddy’s deeply scarred face on the front, our creative team worked hard to do this monster justice. Great for integrating into your everyday wardrobe or throwing on for a Halloween party, this knitted sweater is sure to keep you cozy in fall weather. And don’t worry about getting caught wearing this look too often, there’s always room for another sequel when it comes to Nightmare on Elm Street!

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