System Power 9 400w 80plus Bronze Power Supply

System Power 9 400w 80plus Bronze Power Supply

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very quiet operation

attained by using a high-quality fan system power 9 400w is equipped with a temperature-controlled 120mm fan. it provides you with the low noise operation that be quiet! is famous for, built into an entry-level system. 80plus® bronze certification

high operating efficiency the 80plus® bronze certification is convincing evidence of this psu's efficient and power saving operation. it is a remarkable achievement for this class of psu, realizing an efficiency rating of up to 89%. high performance for your system

proven reliability for cpu and gpu system power 9 400w provides stable and dependable power for cpu and gpu. it is equipped with two independent 12v-rails and supports several graphics cards with two pci express connectors for multi-gpu systems. innovative dc-to-dc conversion

equipped with a wealth of advanced technology the psu is equipped with dc-to-dc conversion for tight voltage regulation, even under heavy cross-loading conditions. this ensures reliable operation and makes it ready for the next generation of processors and graphics cards. high-quality cable design

attractive design for high performance, cost-effective systems system power 9 400w comes with full high-quality black sleeved cables that add a touch of class to any pc system. comprehensive protection

a complete range of safety features top component protection with a full suite of safety functions, including ocp, ovp, opp, otp uvp and scp, which provide the ultimate in secure operation.

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