How it works

  • After receipt of your order, we will email you a crypto invoice
  • This invoice will specify how much crypto to send us within 2 hours, to process your order
  • You can choose to pay in either MUE or wMUE
  • On receipt of payment your order will be dispatched to a UK address

How to obtain MUE & wMUE

Delivery outside of the UK

  • We can deliver globally if you sign up for a UK virtual address
  • You can do this with multiple providers including Forward2Me offers over 120,000 IT & electronics products, making the platform perfectly suited to cater to the tech savvy crypto community.

Come join us in our journey to bring crypto to the masses & real world utility to blockchain.



  • Q - Why do you only accept crypto for payment? A - As a team of crypto enthusiasts and experts, this is our way of helping with the growth & adoption of cryptocurrency in general


  • Q - Why do you only deliver to UK addresses? A - The team are being very cautious about growing the platform & not overstretching our resources, ensuring we have a sustainable platform. We are looking at integrating full global delivery options within the platform for future releases, however global delivery is available through UK freight forwarders


  • Q - Why don't you offer free delivery? A - We are working with the UKs largest IT/Electronic supplier to drop ship delivery for us & the cost of delivery is passed on to our customers. The more you order, the better value your delivery charge will be.


  • Q - Why is delivery either £9.99 or £15.99?  A - To get the discounted delivery price of £9.99 value of items in cart must exceed £100.  Below £100 delivery is £15.99, this is due to passing on costs from our supplier to our customers


  • Q - Why do you only accept two types of crypto? A - Both MUE (MonetaryUnit) & wMUE (Wrapped MonetaryUnit) are crypto projects managed by our team. The success of Flubit, helps with the success of our other projects, benefitting our users as we are then able to reinvest in further innovations & improvements.


  • Q - How do I pay, there's no option? A - Once you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email. Shortly after, you will receive a second email from us giving you the quantity of crypto to pay and the wallet address to send to. You will have the option of sending either MUE or wMUE. Please send payment in full within 2 hours.


  • Q - I've ordered but not received the payment details? A - We operate UK time between 8am-10pm If your order was placed outisde of these hours we will process as soon as we are able


  • Q - Why isn't checkout automated? A - We are working on integrating a fully automated payment processor and this should be live in a matter of weeks.


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