Now available! Animal Creatine Chews

Creatine is a fairly common supplement, but then came along Animal Creatine Chews and changed the game. While powders and pills will fit the bill, Animal took things one step further by creating delicious and mouth-watering Animal Creatine Chews to help build muscle strength, size, and endurance without the need to carry around water, a shaker bottle, or even the need to measure out powders — simply grab, chew, and go..

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Now available! Animal Creatine XL Powder

Animal Creatine XL Powder isn’t your typical creatine supplement. In typical Animal fashion, we’ve taken an ingredient proven to work and created an advanced formula that combines the power of creatine monohydrate with betaine, along with patented ingredients PurpleForce® and Senactiv®, to help supercharge your training, build strength, and help accelerate muscle grow..

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Caffeine-Free Training Stack

Everyone—from the average gym-goer to the most dedicated athlete—has inquired at some point about a “pre workout.” Our Caffeine-Free Training Stack offers many of the benefits of any pre workout but without the unwanted side effects of caffeine. By including EAAs, you’re promoting an effective recovery process leading into your training. Both products are offered in a variety of great tasting powders..

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Test Explosion Stack

This is for our most hardcore customers looking to get as massive and strong as possible, now including 6 FREE PACKS. The Test Explosion Stack will give you the edge to push your limits in the gym by increasing your strength and packing on muscle tissue. Our Test Explosion Stack is the gold standard of Animal firepower..

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Weight Management Stack

Are you looking to trim body fat without taking an extreme approach? Our Weight Management Stack is a fundamental approach to weight loss. Combined with an effective nutrition plan and cardiovascular regimen, the Weight Management Stack should have you melting away body fat at a steady rate. This stack is non-hormonal and suitable for both men and women..

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Mass Gainer Stack

“Mass” is the term all lifters strive to reach in their own way. You’re going to need a caloric surplus, which Animal Meal delivers. Juiced Aminos will enhance your recovery and assist in rebuilding your muscles back after each grueling workout. Add in all the benefits of Animal Stak to increase naturally producing hormones found in the body. With our Mass Gainer Stack, you have a combination of products that will help you go beyond your plateau and into the realm of “Mass-Monster”!.

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Animal Elite Subscription Program

Get a 10% discount on every subscription order, and if we have a deal for your product on with a lower price, then you’ll get the lower price. Free shipping on “Elite” orders ALWAYS. Invitation-only membership in the Animal Facebook Group plus special recognition in our Animal Community site. Sneak peak the new products before anyone else, get in on our product alpha testing program, plus occasional free samples, gifts and rewards..

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