50% of first months life policy premium

50% off your first months premium with Refundable – The Uk’s first and only fully refundable life policy plan.. Affiliates must only use the marketing copy approved by the merchant, approved copy is provided in the affiliate resource
section. Additionally, affiliates may request bespoke copy from the merchant or submit their own copy for review by the merchant prior to use. Affiliates who chose to host their own copy and creative must agree to amend or remove this copy within 7 days upon being requested to do so by the merchant, failure to comply witha request of this nature will result in the affiliate being suspended from the affiliate program. Email affiliates are permitted however all copy and creative must be submitted to the merchant prior to broadcast. Affiliates may deep link to any page on the merchants’ website.
The following conditions apply to affiliates who wish to engage in PPC activity:
No PPC permitted unless permission is given by the merchant.

Valid Till June 20, 2024