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Flubit Points - a revolution in the blockchain/crypto space

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We are excited to announce the launch of "Flubit Points".

On the 1st anniversary of the Flubit.com acquisition by MonetaryUnit, both MUE and Flubit.com are excited to introduce Flubit Points, the world's first loyalty points program, powered by the MUE blockchain - providing savings of up to 20% on every item bought. 

Flubit Points creates a frictionless flow for traditional (non-crypto) shoppers, and enhances the existing user experience of a “point-based loyalty scheme” by integrating it into the MUE blockchain. 

Launching today, every Flubit.com user account now has access to a unique white-labelled MUE Wallet right within their browser; this enables them to easily buy MUE (branded as Flubit Points) in a few clicks, and make significant savings (20%+) when they use Flubit Points at checkout. No longer are users required to download/install crypto wallets, everything is seamless within their account.

Here are some key benefits to the end user:

  1. Flubit Points act like a traditional loyalty points/rewards scheme, something already familiar with the every-day shopper.
  2. Points are easily obtained/purchased by traditional checkout (via credit card) in a few clicks. After purchase the points immediately show inside your user-account, no downloads needed.
  3. Provide users with 20%+ savings on every item they buy on Flubit.com
  4. No mention of blockchain or crypto during the experience- the end user has no idea Flubit Points are any different to any other loyalty points scheme, (apart from the massive savings they receive of course)!
  5. No need to download external apps or mobile wallets, the user’s points are kept as part of their Flubit.com account.
  6. "Advanced" users have the option to "withdraw" their Flubit Points into their MUE wallet - Flubit Points are equivalent to MUE 1:1. Likewise, users can always send their MUE to their Flubit Points Wallet using a dedicated MUE address.

  7. Provide multiple opportunities to obtain more points by referring friends/family & completing tasks e.g tweets, FaceBook posts, "levelling up" their account, reviewing items etc
  8. You can even send friends and family Flubit Points by using their email address, just like PayPal!
  9. Flubit points never expire and can be purchased anytime and spent to save 20% instantly on over 12 million products.

As a traditional e-commerce platform, Flubit.com will continue to accept Credit/Debit card payments, and of course we will continue to accept crypto payments, with MUE users receiving the same significant discounts as Flubit Points holders.

If you love what we're doing and want to help us grow, we are offering equity in all our commercial activities, more details available here : https://www.monetaryunit.com/support-mue