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Up to 25% off all items - just pay with MUE!

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 Step 1) Get a MUE Digital Wallet

To pay with MUE you'll need to have the MonetaryUnit app on your smart phone/tablet. You can add MUE credits to this app (see Step 2) and checkout on Flubit.com. Get the app: 



Step 2) Top up your Wallet. 

Once you have the app installed, you'll need to top up your wallet with the correct amount of MUE, this is shown on the product/checkout page. You can do it in a few clicks on Flubit.com right here. Just enter the amount of MUE you need and pay with your credit/debit card. We'll instantly send the MUE to your wallet. 

p.s - if you already own some digital currency (like BitCoin) you can switch them for MUE right here



Step 3) Pay with MUE at checkout, save 20%: 

  • Save 20% - Pay with MUE: When buying on Flubit.com, instead of selecting "Pay with Card", choose "Pay with Crypto" and select the MUE Coin. Send the required MUE shown on the checkout page and you'll be paying 20% less. You can always read our handy little guide if you want to learn more. 
  • Save 5% - Be Elite: Our Flubit Elite members automatically get 5% off every item listed on Flubit. You can find out about becoming Flubit Elite right here. We offer a month FREE trial with no strings attached! If you want, you can instead buy an annual subscription to Flubit Elite for 60% off, just by paying with MonetaryUnit (MUE)... see here